Pastor Gavin Cunningham had the privilege of being nurtured in a Christian family from his childhood.

He studied in private christian schools and came to a personal experience with the Lord during his high school in 1983 and was baptised the same year. 

He began to be involved closely with the youth ministry of his church from that time on even as he studied to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering. He represented the state at national level sports competitions and desired to be a national champion who would be able to represent his country, but God turned all this around after a near fatal accident caused him to ask the question, “Why did my life not get snuffed out like others who had smaller accidents than the one he had gone through?” 

The numerous Christian activities such as Sunday school, choirs, Bible quizzes, Cantatas, church programs not only presented for him values that shaped his life but also brought to him an unquenchable thirst for deeper things of the Spirit of God. 

It was at the age of 26, after growing up in the church, being closely involved in various programs, saved, Baptised, called to the ministry, and even serving the Lord that the question, “Is this all there is to abundant life in the Church today?” His zeal for the Lord is rooted in His answer to this question. His theological journey led him to pursue a Bachelor of Theology (1989-1992), Bachelor of Divinity (1996-1998) and Masters of Theology(1999-2001) in New Testament Studies from the Senate of Serampore University. 

He taught for many years at the training programmes in Quiet Corner Ministries, Carrey Bible College, and Southern Asia Bible College. His enjoyed teaching Greek and New Testament studies. His love is for Pauline Theology. 

His Dissertations are in the area of: 
The meaning of “EN CHRISTO in Pauline writings and its relevance for the urban Church” The use of “Imperatives” in the authentic Letters of St. Paul and their significance to the understanding of Paul’s Theology. God moved him in 2004 from a teaching ministry to pastoral ministry at the First Assembly of God Church, Bangalore. 
His passion is to replace meaning for programmes, presence for ritual, celebration for boredom, transformation for status quo, meaningful relationships for structures, encounter for distance, passion for lethargy, and relevance for vagueness. 

Key values of love, fellowship, transformation, shaping destiny, encounter, anointing, fruitfulness, joy, lordship, freedom, forgiveness, salvation, missions, giving, healing, empowerment, rebirth, prayer and missions are the heart beat of his ministry. 
In a phrase he captures the Christian faith in the words, “It is a total abandonment of loving trust and obedience with a wonderful God.” 

He has pastored the First Assembly of God Church since 2004 along with his wife Amenla Cunningham. They were married in October of 1992 and have two children – Joanna, and Samuel. Their desire is that their family will together serve the Lord.