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  • Celebrating His presence in a lifestyle of worship

  • Ensuring purposeful lives through total transformation and abandonment to the Holy Spirit

  • Raising a people abundant in God through His word

  • Reaching, impacting and influencing our community with the Kingdom of God

  • Realizing purpose, & Shaping destiny for eternity


We value the offer of Salvation as the greatest gift and utmost need for the hurting world we live in.
We seek to nurture a church abundant in the Love for God, each other, and the unchurched.
We seek to foster a church rich in compassion and fervent in desire to see broken lives healed, and people empowered to live full lives and fulfil their destiny.
We see the church growing in Christian lifestyle and living out an exciting adventure of abundant living.
We desire to provide an opportunity of worship of an alternate church to the unchurched that celebrates God’s presence in a exciting lifestyle of worship We seek to be a church abundant in God by the knowledge of His word evidenced in positive change and total transformation.
We seek to be a church where every member is a minister serving to their full potential and recapturing some of the power, zeal and pattern of the first church, committed to teaching, preaching, healing and setting captives free.
We seek to build a church that would Impact locally, influence regionally, and reach globally.
We seek to be a Holy Spirit filled church where the power of God is clearly manifest.
We will work toward partnerships with other families of God who would help us bring the love of God in fresh and real ways in new ways and new places resulting in changing communities.

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