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The Worship Ministry team ushers the body of Christ into the throne room of God through thanksgiving, praise, worship and instruments of music and experience His manifest presence and ministry of His Spirit as the Church ministers unto Him. Worship is a time when the soul is exposed to the divine radiations of the Spirit of God, therapeutic in nature, restoring the mind and the body. As we raise His Praise we realize the works of the enemy is paralyzed and the Lord glorified. Worship at First AG is mission focused as “He put a new song in my heart, a hymn of praise unto our God, many will see and fear and PUT their TRUST in the LORD” 

Worship ministry is one of the core ministries in the church. We at First AG believe in the sound of heave being heard and revealed here on earth. "Touching heaven to change earth". As a worship team we are committed to being instruments in bringing the sound of heaven to reach the broken, bring healing through the melody of a Psalm and see restoration happen as a harmony to the Saving grace of Jesus.


We as a team meet for prayer and preparation between 3-5pm every Saturday

We also have worship retreats and camps to re-encounter Jesus which will be updated according to the schedule.

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