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9:30AM - 10:00 AM


  • BEING SPIRITUALLY PREPARED TO MINISTER - “Make your calling and election sure” 2 Peter 1:10 while the worship department may not be a full time occupation, the team is made up of servants who have a sense of calling to this ministry. We are all ministers and as such are held to a greater degree of responsibility. 

  • CARRY THE VISION - We are committed to carry the vision and mission of the Church and the leadership: Our responsibility is to deliberately guard this vision and be Sprit-filled ministers standing along side the leadership in building the kingdom of God. Matt 6:33 

  • MUSICAL EXPERTISE - Everything we do is for the Glory of God. Therefore, we are continually developing our skills in order to offer our BEST to Him. Able/Skilled & Faithful We are committed to growing spiritually, Hebrews 13:21. Equip (to complete thoroughly, repair, adjust, prepare) with everything good for doing God’s will . Discipline, prayer, fasting, submission to authority, lifestyle of worship, Working toward Maturity/Perfection. We are leading others and therefore must be strong, committed followers of Christ.

  • WORKING AS ONE UNIT  - Facilitating Godly relationships is essential to this ministry. We look at our team as not just a collection of separate musicians but as a single unit with a single purpose, bearing one another’s burdens as we pursue God’s presence in unity! Ps 133:1 We are committed to regular team building events to establish a firm foundation of oneness! Worship ministry is a team effort. 


Worship is simple music that reaches the heart of God. Everybody knows that just music or a song cannot reach the heart of God, but when lyrics and music speak of our creator God, of the heavens where The Triune God is seated with Jesus and the Holy Spirit something shifts and changes. Healing, Deliverance, Hope, Love, Joy and Peace become such a tangible reality. From many years of listening to worship leaders talk and preach on this subject it is important to remember three things

1. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12)

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to worship because of the influence of the World being so heavy on our minds. Invariably our hearts are sometimes swayed or driven by what our mind perceives and understands. Sometimes we are so easily caught up in the rationality of the situation and the lie that entangles. As worshippers and leaders it is our duty to continuously renew our minds and hearts. Preserving our passions to be used by the Lord Jesus only.


2.There is no ONE worship leader, If there is that is not from God(Ezekiel & Isaiah)

So often we get caught up in what an amazing worship leader someone is but the truth of the matter is that there is no one who could take that place. Anyone trying to be the ideal worship leader is walking in the footsteps of Lucifer himself. Scripture tells us (Ezekiel 28:13,Isaiah 14:12-15) that Lucifer was the morning star the most beautiful creature that lead the angelic choir in praises but its that very gift that God had given him that caused his fall because it wasn't focused on the right thing that is "GOD". Worship leaders are nothing but stewards with a gift to create a sound that helps you connect a little better to God. The music is and inspiration from God and the Lyrics are words that God stirs within them in order to do what we are created to do that is to "WORSHIP THE LORD IN THE SPLENDOR OF HIS MAJESTY". Never for one second try to be the worship leader let the Holy Spirit and Jesus do that. You just be a faithful steward with the gifts and talents he has given you and be an instrument in the Lords hands and concentrate on the heart of worship with an undivided heart and passion to let praise and adoration rise to God, and don't let anyone try to put you up there for being a good steward of the Shekinah presence of God.


3. Worship is all about the heart.

Yes we all know that song 'I'm coming back to the heart of worship' but the real question is how much of your heart is actually coming back to the point of worship?

Worship is never about the song, the music or the person singing it. Its about the state of your heart. David understood that. Sometimes he worshipped from a point of pain and anguish, utter hopelessness and discouragement, but it was worship he brought before God so that that pain that suffering that hard time could he turned into a song of praise, a joyful noise and shout unto the Lord. Has our worship reached that point where we are able to look up and worship irrespective of what is happening round us. 

"I BELIEVE WORSHIP IS THE LANGUAGE THAT THE HEART SPEAKS WHEN IT IS COMMUNING WITH ITS CREATOR". Its never something you can force, cause the fruitfulness of worship is borne in everyday life. If your going through a hard time and you hav'nt taken it to God and let your heart connect with its creator to solve the problem, then your definitely in for some trouble. As human beings we struggle sometimes to do that, we struggle to let go and see God work things out for us cause it isn't in the tangible here and now, but there was a secret that David knew, that Esther knew it was that if you went before God long enough in the midst of trial and hardship heaven becomes the tangible reality and Hope, Peace and Joy are abundant fruits. So the heart is the KEY.

Where is it? Does God have half a heart? A slightly straying heart? A worried heart? The state of your heart is in the ability to worship God "INSPITE OF" not instead of or when its better or when you can.

Just bring it all, The real hard core deal where its raw honest and genuine, sometimes it looks nice sometimes its cold and broken but bring your heart let God inspire the worship that will influence the out come of your life.

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