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YA - We Do


Have non stop fun, food, music, dance, camps and adventures!

Create a welcoming atmosphere of transparency, outrageous love, total acceptance, freedom (to be oneself & pursue one’s passions) & trust.

Exhort and challenge one another to live out the faith and fight the good fight.

Encourage one another by sharing testimonies and experiences

Stay involved at practical levels within the Church and respond to social needs


As youngsters we live a life walking towards finding a Godly balance to deal with life the God way and have fun in the process.....

        'YA! ROFL type of fun.

We believe in Walking in step with the Holy Spirit – listening and obeying.

Training and disciplining ourselves through the fires of fasting, chewing on the Word of God and intercession.

Responding to life’s challenges with an uncompromising value system.

Our lifestyle speaks of one interwoven with the Love and freedom in Christ we have so freely received,where singing,dancing,and just hanging out is filled with peace and deep joy.

Excelling… leaving no potential unfulfilled.

Influencing our circles of influence for the glory of Yah-weh!

Making disciples of those young people looking for love, joy, peace,acceptance and a true-friend to encourage one another.

Transforming cultures and mindsets around us.

Contending for revival and our promised inheritance – nations! YA! .....The Nations!

YA - Testimonies
YA! Lifestyle


"I started with prayer at college Choir practise. Was prompted to ask the person In charge if I could pray for the other 15 students. 
As I laid my hands and prayed. A spirit of prophesy came upon me and I prophesied over all the 15 students. 
Yes, we are world changers who can hear and prophesy God's will to people around us."


"Whenever I focus all that I do as work unto the Lord, God sends people to help me achieve things at lightening speed, which most people don't believe is even possible.

When we find favor with God, He also adds favor with man."


"I had a really bad injury on my knee and need ed an MRI, was taking pain killers for the unbearable pain. I decided to pray and cover my knee with the blood of Jesus.

The pain went away as soon as I prayed.

It's been a little more than 10 days and there is no need for a scan. It's healed in the name of Jesus! Amen!! "

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