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Dear Friend,

Greetings to you in Jesus name. It is a joy for me to share with you what God is doing through the First AG family.

The First AG family at Bangalore derives her meaning for existence and mission from her a passion for experiencing Gods glorious abiding presence and the liberty it brings as a family set free.

While it is true that a fool says in his heart, “there is no God” it is a greater fool who would say, “I can make it without him.” We exist in an age where people are reaping fear, meaninglessness, and disenchantment as a result of abandoning Gods presence for the false promises of fulfillment and meaning in materialistic success, freedom and hedonistic satisfaction.

If things like God’s presence, hope, and freedom that brings forgiveness, empowerment, joy, meaning, peace, family belonging, and a future of new opportunities are important to you then you can get in touch with us and together we can discover the splendor of these amazing truths. Come find your place in a contemporary multi generational congregation which has a history of 75 years of caring. We have a place for everyone.

May the blessings of the Lord rest upon you in a special measure as your consider an exciting adventure with God.

In His love

Pastor Gavin Cunningham

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1st of Every Month
Dedication Prayer

06:30 AM -

07:30 AM

FAGC Campus

Morning Watch Prayer
Mon - Fri

05:30 AM -

06:30 AM

FAGC Campus

2nd & 4th Friday

07:30 PM -

11:30 PM

FAGC Campus

Kingdom Men &
WOD Meeting
Every 1st Sunday

11:30 AM -

01:00 PM

FAGC Campus


Be Blessed
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